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Our Beers — Brewed Proudly in Maiden NC

Here are few of our recent small 5 gallon test batch beers.

Common Sense - Freedom Lager

COMMON SENSE - Freedom Lager

A copy of a famous “revolutionary” lager… crisp, yet malty, with a strong hop aroma and flavor. Soldiers and statesmen, brewers and patriots alike will enjoy this complex and refreshing brew.

IBU: 33 | Alcohol: 4.0%

August 2022


The Secret Lies with Charlotte

Hard Strawberry Apple Cider

Could it really be that simple? Yes... we paired freshly harvested NC apples with the subtle tones of strawberries to create a perfectly balanced cider. Lightly carbonated and refreshingly "spritzy".

January 2022

Clever Girl Amber Ale

Clever Girl Amber

American Amber Ale

Life finds it's way, with a substantial gravity and malty but not too sweet ale. Just enough bitterness to balance the flavor. A definite but not overstated citrus hop profile bolstered by real citrus!

Muggle-born Mild

British Dark Mild Ale

A murky potion possessing a decidedly complex flavor. Bread and biscuits, toast and toffee, chicory and caramel, all enveloped in a cloak of rich maltiness balanced by mellow bitterness.

Filthy Angel's Soul

Spiced Scottish-style Winter Ale

Delivers an abundance of holiday cheer. A blend of spices guaranteed to warm your spirit "ya filthy animal." Amber color.

Quint's Bigger Boat

American IPA

IPA with mosaic hops deliver tantalizing citrus, pine, tropical fruit, and berry notes. Golden-copper color.


American Pale Ale

American Pale Ale with Cascade, Citra and Centennial hops deliver a bold, exotic tropical character. Light amber color.

Check Your Head

Czech Pilsner

Moderately tinted pale yellow with low-to-medium noble hop presence. Slightly sweet, toasted biscuit and bready aromas and flavors.

Hello Mr. Anderson

American IPA

American IPA beer with Centennial hops deliver pronounced bitterness with a dominant citrus aroma and flavor. Pale amber color.